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2016.9.26. Jon and Hiro with Brent - Swinging Guitar Party -


photograph by Sayo Shindo.
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2015.03.20. David Nichtern and Yoshihiro Arita


2014.10.18. Yoshihiro Arita Presents "Acousticology" at YAMAHA Ginza Studio


guest performer : Jon Sholle


Acoustic Guitar trio

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Yoshihiro Arita with Natsuki Kido, Shunji Takenaka.

"Gypsy Jazz Style Guitar" (score book)

It functions primary as the complete supplement for the instruction video "Gypsy Style Guitar " but plus a lot more, including Django's biography and selected discography (in Japanese language only).
The main body of this book is a collection of Django solo transcriptions (with tabs).
The songs includes "Minor Swing" from 3 different time period (1937, 1947 and 1949) ,"Djangology", "Django's Tiger" and 6 other titles.
The book comes with a CD that has practicing rhythm tracks of 3 Django tunes and collections of Django licks. 72pages. \3000


Courage Cards & Gifts --- Courage Cards & Gifts is dedicated to promoting and supporting the work of artists with disabilities.

Yoshihiro Arita plays electric banjo on the tune, "Audomeli(In the key of L)" along with his fellow musicians, basist Chiris Silverstein and drummer Cozy Miura. The tune reflects the influences of bluegrass, blues and touch of Asia.

"With contributions from the Phil Aaron Trio, Laura Caviani, and the Bobby Peterson Trio, musician Dan Moffatt collaborated with his son Patrick and other Courage Center children to create this unique jazz compilation. It contains original music composed by the children and recorded by some of the finest musicians on the national scene. Hear jazz greats Bill Carrothers, Avishai Cohen, Jay Epstein, Yoshihiro Arita and Gordy Johnson bring this music to life inspiring courage, hope, and more than a little finger-snapping. "

Gypsy Guitar Style Instruction Video

"Gypsy Style Guitar" Study of Django Reinhardt Style (video)
Arita demonstrates basic techniques for Gypsy jazz style of guitar playing, for both of rhythm and lead solo.
It includes the analysis of Django's solo from 1937 version of "Minor Swing", 16 examples of Django licks and 3 tunes of HOT CLUB style live demo performances.
Includes booklet with tab. It's in Japanese language only. 60min. \5200

Banjo Instruction Video
The video "Bluegrass Banjo no Tatsujin --treasure of banjo method--", instructed by Yoshihiro Arita, has been released from ritto-music.

The demo performances include straight bluegrass, J.S.Bach piece, and contemporary arrangement of "Old Joe Clark".

CD "Banjo Influences"
"Banjo Influences" has been released from XIII Bis Records in France.
The CD includes 17 banjo players from 10 different countries.
You will enjoy various styles of banjo music such as Irish, Jazz, Classical, etc. Arita plays his original tune titled "Samois" that is a musical tribute to the gypsy jazz legend, Django Reinhardt.

Arita plays with Toshihiro NAKANISHI(violin and pianica), Chris SILVERSTEIN(bass) and Koji "Cozy" MIURA(drums). The recording was engineered by Hirofumi TOKUTAKE.

other banjo players
GUY DONIS and JACQUES STOTZEM (Belgium) "Theme for Two"
LEON HUNT (U.K) "Morning Would"
PHILIPPE BOURGEOIS (France) "Punkey Red Mulet"
JEAN-MARIE REDON (France) "Primo"
.....and more.....

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